Friday, January 11, 2013

AOTY #29: Evoken - Atra Mors

I don't believe I have as of yet been able to fully appreciate all that is Evoken, but Atra Mors may be the (anti-)stimulus needed to realize the totality of Evoken's vision. As the album completes its peregrination, all the while dragging its toes as the mud sucks at the feet, one is transfixed by the unburdenable weight placed upon them. Atra Mors is unconscionably heavy. The gravity here comes not only from the ungodly low tuning but from the mood the album creates. The unbearable sadness of deep loss saturates the very fabric of the album robbing the listener of the ability to feel joy. Piano and synths augment the guitar and impeccably perform drums to create vast soundscapes capable of transporting the consciousness beyond this realm. Atra Mors is funeral doom at its best. It's unfathomably slow, brooding and depressive yet never boring as it injects flashes of light to stimulate the heart.

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