Saturday, January 12, 2013

AOTY #28: Conan - Monnos

I must admit I am a sucker for tone. If you have the right tone, I will get on my knees and kiss your feet. I'll have to do just that if I ever cross paths with Conan. Their album Monnos has tone in spades. The warm textures brought forth by their monolithic riffs could ward of hypothermia better than the thickest coat of furs. The resonant frequency with which the drone and sludge emanates matches the vibration of mine own body and mind. The crushing riffage and (largely) chanted vocals elevate Monnos to another plane. Conan will lure you in with a hypnotic slo-mo groove only to deliver a knock-out punch with a shift in drum tempo or a roundhouse riff. One could use all manner of cliched adjectives to describe the glory of Monnos, but one thing is for certain; this album is as muscular and epic the band's namesake. Tremble weaklings, before the mighty Conan!

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