Monday, December 31, 2012

AOTY #39: D.I.S. - Becoming Wrath

Few bands are as appropriately named as D.I.S. See, that acronym stands for Destroyed In Seconds and that is exactly what Becoming Wrath does to the environment in which it's played. This is a half hour of furiously vicious d-beat hardcore I feel privileged to have heard in advance of its November release date. I can be a sucker for that Swe-death tone but it's really the energy that draws me to this Los Angeles band. They spew relentless fury that infects my nervous system and compels me to act in violent ways. A favourite while I'm splitting wood, the ripping riffs, bile soaked vocals and angry drums infuse me with power. Becoming Wrath's ability to distract the listener from the real world can get dangerous. Preparing meals with sharp knives, swinging the aforementioned axe and driving a car while listening to this album should be undertaken with the utmost care. The thought of seeing D.I.S. live both frightens me and makes me crazy with anticipation. Someday maybe.

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