Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Toronto's Vesperia to release live DVD

VESPERIA Releases New Video Clip From Upcoming Live DVD 'Untamed in Toronto!'

     Every week during the month of July, Toronto-based Celtic Viking Metal quartet, VESPERIA will be previewing to fans a selected video clip from their upcoming live DVD 'Untamed in Toronto!' that was filmed by AX Media during the bands past show at the Hard Luck Bar.

'We are very excited to reveal our first-ever live DVD that we filmed in our very own hometown of Toronto on our last tour." says lead vocalist and bassist Morgan Rider. "For anyone who has not been able to see one of our live performances, this will give them a unique opportunity to see the primal nature behind a VESPERIA performance; fully equipped with a high-end lighting rig and in high definition!"

To view the first video clip titled 'The Swordsman' please visit the following link here.

vesperia - the swordsman (live in toronto)


1. The Swordsman 04:42
2. Huntress 03:28
3. To Times End We Ride 07:47
4. A Silence Prolonging (In Longing) 04:58

I'm kinda wishing I didn't skip out on Bolero when they played near me!

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