Wednesday, July 11, 2012

From the Archives

I was digging through my email trying to find something and I came across a curious message. I sent this message to a guy I met at an all-weekend bachelor party for one of my best friends back in 2005. We were shotgunnin' beers and passin' around joints and we got talking about music. Specifically stoner metal/rock. He asked me to send him a sort of, stoner rock primer if you will. Here is what I sent him. (I changed nothing)

ok, stoner rock. I would start with Kyuss, Sleep and High on Fire (I did)
if you want more 60's groove feel try Fu Manchu, Nebula, Orange Goblin
and Alabama Thunderpussy
sHEAVY is good too (singer sounds like Ozzy)
heavier stuff, Electric Wizard, Goatsnake, Sons of Otis, Bongzilla,
Sunn O))), Sloth
Canadian stuff:  Sheavy, Sons of Otis, Sea of Green, Electric Magma,
Flatblak, Nice Cat, Puddy, Floating Widget, fiftywatthead

Kyuss' guitarist is the leader of Queens of the Stone Age.
QOTSA's original bass player (who just left before their new album)
was also in Kyuss but now is the leader of Mondo Generator.
Kyuss' singer was in Slo-Burn, Unida, Hermano
Kyuss' drummer is Brant Bjork, he does solo stuff and Brant Bjork and
the Operators
Sleep and High on Fire have the same guitar/vocalist
Sleep's bass and drums are now in OM, only bass, drums and vocals,
it's really cool
Sleep's old guitar and drums were in the Sabians ( I fucking LOVE the Sabians!!)
My favorite band is Clutch. Best ever! if  you like them, check out
Sixty Watt Shaman and the Mighty Nimbus and Speedealer

There's some bands on there I haven't thought of in ages, let alone listened to. Nothing incredibly informative here but it is kinda neat to see where my head was at back then. I actually never got a response to the email. Meh.

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