Sunday, December 18, 2011

#27: Book of Black Earth - The Cold Testament

This is another one of my favourite driving albums. The intensity and aggression of The Cold Testament (Prosthetic) makes it near impossible not to put the hammer down and barrel down the highway. Roaring along with the hardcore bellow of vocalist/guitarist TJ Cowgill on opener "Weight of the World" has kept me awake on the drive home after a night shift on many occasions. To be honest, any track on the album is worth shredding some vocal chords to. The Swedish death metal influence combined with the punch of grind and hardcore fuels an inner fire. Unleashing that inner fire through screaming with The Cold Testament is an incredibly effective stress reliever. Although few could match the prowess of Cowgill. How can you not be caught up in the anthem chorus of "Road Dogs From Hell"? "We are the road dogs from hell (X2)/Shit out of luck/Don't give a fuck/This is the life we chose/We are the road dogs from hell!" If that isn't tailor made to get a packed club screaming in unison I don't know what is. These guys would absolutely tear the roof off of any venue they play. And from the sounds of it, they play a lot of venues. Perhaps my favourite track on the album is closer "I See Demons". It's a somewhat creepy tome about (what I assume is) a mortician. "Taking possession of human remains/Everywhere I go, it's always the same/When I close my eyes, I can still see their faces....I see demons inside my mind" I'll just leave you with that. Kay? Sleep tight.

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