Monday, December 19, 2011

#23: Hate Eternal - Phoenix Amongst The Ashes

When I talked about the Origin album I made note of its technicality coupled with its brutality. Phoenix Amongst The Ashes (Metal Blade) takes both those attributes and severely ups the ante. Most notably in the brutality department. Foul beasts of all sorts cower when faced with the unrelenting and merciless might of PATH. I can hardly listen to it without a scowl on my face as the fury of the double-kicks and speed-picking courses through my veins. The mastermind behind this gargantuan endowment upon my bleeding ears is none other than Erik Rutan. Producer, guitarist and vocalist extraordinaire. The living Death Metal Legend himself. His beastly roar could crumble mountains. The sweep picking and other craziness that opens "The Art of Redemption" is otherworldly in its virtuosity. I could believe that there are actually even more notes packed in there but the human brain just isn't fast enough to process them. It's amazing that the rhythm section of bassist JJ Hrubovcak and drummer Jade Simonetto are able to keep up with Rutan's onslaught. Yet they do. The evidence of which is perfectly presented in the title track. This centerpiece of the album earns 2011's nod as Death Metal Track of the Year. I dare you not to scream that chorus. It can't be done. Rise!! And behold the majesty of Hate Eternal.

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