Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Wasted Bandwidth

I only have a couple duds for ya this week. Mostly because either it's pretty kickass (Exhumed, Origin, Vastum) or I haven't even listened to it yet (Sepultura, Arch Enemy and a shitload more).
Twisted Tower Dire: WHY DID I EVEN THINK I WOULD WANT THIS!? This reeks of big hair and spandex pants. I couldn't even make it past the first track, "Mystera". That title alone is horrible. The real tragedy here is I have to wait til I sync my iPod to get this garbage off of it.
I'm gonna take some heat for this next one.
40 Watt Sun - The Inside Room: I hear a lot of critics like this but it literally put me to sleep. I zoned right the fuck out. Without an oz of booze or any other chemical not composed of corn flakes.  Zoning out in itself is not a bad thing but if I wanted to, it would be to something that sounded better than Pearl Jam tuned down half a step, in slo-mo.  Boring as all get out. I was on track 3 before I realized I was still conscious.
Bonus! I forgot about this one.
Otep - Atavist: Same rehashed, whiny rap-metal that started to get stale quick after the debut EP. Whatever her name is (Otep Shimaya, I know) should just get into film instead. (wink wink) I kid. She does have a nice growl but this whole show is getting old. What I did make it through was better than the mess that was the last two albums though. I'll give it that.
Hey, you may love all 3 of these but I can'tbe bothered.

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