Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Scale the Summit - The Collective

I'm not huge on most instrumetal. More or less because not much happens. And when something does happen, I've waited so long for it that it's always disappointing. Maybe I don't listen to the right stuff. Anyway, I don't not like The Collective. I don't necessarily yearn for it either. (It's better than what I am listening to right now though.) The Collective is the kind of album that I can put on and not frighten people. It's full of sweeping melodies and just enough punch to make it palatable for someone like me who likes the more aggressive stuff. It actually reminds me a lot of that G3 album with Vai, Satriani and Johnson. It also brings to mind Marc Rizzo's solo work. I have a hard time saying very much about it because I feel like it's just kind of "there". I know plenty of people love this stuff and that's good for them. It's great background music and I'll likely listen to it plenty more time before the year is out.
Elevator music for metalheads.

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