Thursday, March 17, 2011

Abysmal Dawn - Leveling the Plane of Existence

Sometimes I can't understand myself. Sometimes within the same sub-genre I will like one band and not like another. For example, I like Origin. I don't like Obscura. or Cynic. But I do like Abysmal Dawn. If you haven't guessed, I'm talking about technical death metal. (ok, maybe Cynic doesn't fit in there) I can't really explain why I like certain bands over others. But I'll try and explain why I like Abysmal Dawn.
First of all, for the most part, the lyrics are discernible. This isn't a big sticking point with me but it helps. If I couldn't make out any words, I'd dismiss it outright only because the music makes up for any vocal shortcomings. Don't think the vocals aren't brutal though. They are. Very much so. But they are very well done and far from repetitive grunting. Also, they aren't everywhere. There is a good balance between the vocals and the music.
I can appreciate musical ability. Mainly because I have very little. I try but... So when I hear a band play with the immensity of talent that the dudes in AD have, it blows my mind. Now, just being able to play very well doesn't mean you can write. I can play softball. Doesn't mean I can coach. That's what appeals to me about Abysmal Dawn. They have serious chops but they are able to turn that into songs. Pretty complex songs at that. They can bring the muscle and power of traditional death metal and meld that with blissful solos and untraditional song structures. They can be technical without shoving it down your throat or being overly arty. I don't think they'll be the band that swings me over to the uber-tech/prog side of  the fence but if I want to feel inadequate, I'll put on Leveling the Plane of Existence.
I'd really like to say more about this but I'm getting a case of writer's block.

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