Thursday, February 24, 2011

Full Blown Chaos - Full Blown Chaos

New York's Full Blown Chaos have started the 2011 listening season off
on a good foot. Their self-titled follow up to '07s Heavy Lies The
Crown is more or less what you would expect from FBC but that's not a
bad thing. While the NY tough style metallic hardcore scene could
easily get over saturated (see anything -core), the cream would rise to
the top. Part of the cream would be FBC. When trying to describe the
album I'm drawn to comparisons to similar but maybe more well known
acts like Hatebreed and Sick Of It All. But FBC is their own animal. A
little more hardcore than (modern day) SOIA and a little more metal
than Hatebreed. There is still plenty of breakdowns to be found. But
in comparison to other bands that (over)use them (Read:
metalcore/deathcore), their presence makes sense. It's not a gimmick.
FBC are not followers, they are leaders. Besides, FBC are able to
build around the breakdowns in such a way that they don't become the
focal point of the music. For me, the focal point is Ray Mazzola's
vocals. If anything, I think they are what separate FBC from some of
their contemporaries. They seem deeper. It's a more death metal
flavour on a traditional hardcore style. Definitely commanding in its
essence. Under his command, with the chest-thumping vibe of the band
behind him, Mazzola could whip a pit into a frenetic whirlpool faster
than you could gang-shout "Go!"
I think what draws me to FBC and bands of this style (when I'm not
knee-deep in Sludge, drowning in Black Metal or being bludgeoned by
Death Metal) is the positivity in it. That never-back-down, stand up
for yourself vibe. It's nice to hear something personal and "real"
without it being whiny or depressing. It's an album that will make you
feel good, make you lift your head up high and maybe even make you
stomp around the kitchen waving your fist and doing air-breakdowns
while making supper. Not that that...or anything.

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