Sunday, December 19, 2010

Melechesh - The Epigenesis

Rarely when I have big expectations for an album am I not disappointed. This is not one of those times. It delivered everything I expected. Maybe even delivered more by doing less. It's been a while but I remember their last album being much busier. The Epigenesis seems more basic. Not dumbed down though. Melechesh are able to weave Middle Eastern texture, rhythm and cadence into black metal. Yeah, it may not be "troo" but it proves that Black Metal doesn't have to be bleak metal. And it doesn't have to be boring. The guitar tones and vocals make it black metal but the riff style and varied drumming break that restraint on what some people would consider Black Metal. I need to MAKE the time to listen to this again and again because even though my first impression was a home run, I have a feeling it will get even better every time.

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