Thursday, December 23, 2010

Death Angel - Relentless Retribution

You should know that I got in to the metal game a but late. I didn't start
listening to metal in earnest until around 1994. (Many thanks Pantera) So
I've been playing catch up with thrash ever since. Sure I knew the Big 4.
They're some of my favourite bands ever. But outside of that, I really
don't know much old thrash. So I have no history with Death Angel. I have
no basis of comparison to their other work. That being said, there is
nothing on this album that makes me want to rush out and find out what I
have been missing.
I also haven't told you anything about the album. Gallopping guitars, hard
hitting drums, bark/shout vocals that sound really fun to scream along
with. These dudes are tight. I like the speed and pacing. It sounds like a
really fun album that I should give at least equal credit to compared to
bands like Early Man and Municipal Waste. I'm gonna have to spend some more
time with this. And I expect to see this on my friend Todd's year end list.

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