Thursday, November 25, 2010

Howl - Full of Hell

Quite often, a great album will conjure images in your mind regardless of lyrical content. Full of Hell does that very, very well. The following is what my mind sees.
The band are actually Cyclopean giants. They are performing the album in a natural amphitheater/cave opening at the top of a flaming mountain range.  This provides the soundtrack to an army of beasts laying waste to civilization below.
Now that may not sound like Harvard stuff but I have a feeling if I got my hands on a lyric sheet, there would be some upper-level intelligence going on. (somewhat unrelated but, RIP Buried Inside) See, to the best of my knowledge the members of Howl are vegan. And not to stereotype, but I don't know any meathead vegetarians.(See what I did there?)
Adjective time: thick, huge, warm, deep, resonant, frightening, destructive, desolate and as the Cyclopes' last notes echo across the mountains, mournful.

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