Friday, September 17, 2010

Pro Pain - Absolute Power

This actually a pretty easy review. It goes like this: Take any previous Pro Pain album, change the name to Absolute Power, and voila. This may sound  a little harsh but, for as much ass as Pro-Pain kicks, their brand of fist-pumping, metalized hardcore just keeps kicking the same ass with every release. One distinguishing feature may be that I think I hear some guests on the album. I don't have access to info right now but I think I heard some vocals that sounded "Disturb"-ingly like David Draiman. (i.e. everyone's favourite hypocrite) I hope my ears are deceiving me.
I own one Pro Pain album and I am okay with that. Funny story about that album. Back in the day (c. 2000), I was walking home from a party (drunk!) listening to [the album I can't recall the name of] and finding myself powerwalking along in perfect lockstep with the album. (minus the elbow action and butt wiggle) If you've ever heard Pro Pain you know how fast that is for someone who had no business being upright anyway. (That was during my tequila phase) It was pretty funny to me because my legs were seemingly acting of their own accord. The funny to other people part, is that inevitably, I would have to urinate on this walk. I happened to be walking by a construction site. Naturally, there was a porta-potty. As a testament to my level of inebriation, I decided I should pee behind it so no passing cars would see me. Aaaaaalways thinkin'. Of course, when coming out from behind the porta-potty, I tripped on some debris and bloodied up my legs pretty good.  But I carried on powerwalkin' to that relentless Pro Pain beat. Good times.

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