Saturday, March 27, 2010

More quick thoughts

Destinity - XI Reason to See: This started out pretty promising. Cool epic metal. Reminded me of Amon Amarth and Ex Deo. Impressive vocals, a little atmospheric. But somewhere around the halfway mark they morphed into an almost death/metalcore band. The vocals changed, the atmospherics faded, the whole feel of the album dissolved. Quite disappointing. It was still pretty decent. It didn't sound entirely generic. I'd feel different about it if it were two separate bands. I hope on their next release they just stick with the first half of XI Reasons to See.

Ludicra - The Tenant: Another stab at trying to enjoy black metal. I don't know why I am forcing a genre I generally don't enjoy on myself but sometimes a band will resonate with me. Now while Ludicra is not "OH WOW"-ing me, I actually hit Play again when it was finished. I suppose it's not traditional black metal but vocally it follows pretty close. It's not 100% balls to the wall atonal kick in the face. There is some colour. Yeah, it has it's moments of bleak-neck speed but it also has groove. The female vocals add some allure as well. I can see this one sticking around on my playlist for a little while should I be in the mood.

Mouth of the Architect - The Violence Beneath EP:  It starts out violent enough. The vocals remain kinda violent. But if there is more beneath, well, it's sorta staying there. Maybe I listen to too much music or something but I feel I've heard this before. Bellowed vocals, softer instrumental passages, tinkling guitar. Some softer vocals are present as well but all in all it lacks the oomph that I like to hear most of the time. There was a time I would have been all over this but that time is gone. I prefer my violence in the forefront.


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