Saturday, March 27, 2010

Can you tell I'm bored tonight?

Nominon - Monumentomb: Um, black/death metal. Buzzy guitars. Screechy vocals. Evil sounding. Nothing overwhelming. However, I am listening to it on $2 portable speakers. Not the best for accurate portrayal of sound. Vocals are discernable if you pay attention though, so that's a bonus.

Teitanblood - Seven Chalices: This is not starting out well. Guitars sound like a hive of bees. Drums are tinny and too high in the mix. The lead guitar sounds like noise. The vocals sound like a demon hound on 2 packs a day with too much echo effect on it. If I was stoned, I'd either freak the fuck out and go catatonic, or throw up. I don't know how much more I can take. Fuck me with an ice auger this is terrible. Track 4 and I'm out.

The Wounded Kings - The Shadow Over Atlantis: 2:30 in and I wish I had some weed. Slow and heavy with wispy clean singing. This would put me into a fucking trance if I was high. Shit. Pretty much the same all the way through. Relaxing. Chill out tunes for metalheads.

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