Sunday, February 14, 2010


I can't remember the album names but:

Squash Bowels: Interesting moniker. Pretty good deathgrind. A bit pig squeely at times but I'm not writing them off yet. Good vibe.

Sinister Realm: Sounded great until the vocals kicked in. I tried to fight through it but they were just so bad. Amateur. Didn't make it to the end of the first track.

A.N.S.: Came and went. I don't really remember it. I'll give it another listen.

HAARP - EP: It was kickass! I'll be spinning that again!! Broooootal!!!

Struck By Lightning - Serpents: This is on the same label as Javelina and Fight Amp, so, instant cred. I just wish I could remember the label. My memory is so bad. For the first few songs I thought it sounded like if Baroness and Kylesa listened to more Converge. But as the album evolved, the Baroness and Kylesa feel faded away and was replaced by a more D-beat feel. I could still hear the Converge-ness, mostly in the drums. I was also reminded of I Hate Sally (RIP). There was some similar riffs and tone. Love at first listen. Highly recommended.

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