Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blacklisted - No-one Deserves To Be Here More Than Me

First off, I hate the word no-one. Is it no-one, or noone, or no one? I think it might be no one. I don't now. Anyway, back to the album. 2008's Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God was a beast. It was great. It was packed with raw emotion. No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me is packed too. Packed with shit. I can't say I wasn't warned. A number of people on the KPP Forum said it was awful. I tried anyway. I got about 4-5 songs in before I decided I had better things to do than torture myself.  Unless backed by a cacophony of hardcore power, dude's voice sucks. And since this borders on indie rock (or worse, horn interludes) it was next to impossible to tolerate. And the vocals were WAY high in the mix. Bad. His "clean" voice is atrocious. Unbearable. Since I don't want to listen to any of this again to try and figure out what the title means, I'm just going to assume that "here" is the garbage bin. Take the advice I didn't and avoid at all costs. Don't ruin your opinion of their earlier works. Shame on you, Blacklisted.

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