Sunday, January 3, 2010

OK, vacay's over. Back to the cuts.

So I've been on vacation/holidays/not working for a couple weeks or so. Therefore, I've been spending less time on the internet. So just to let you know I'm still alive, here are some more cuts to my year end list.

The Red Chord - Fed Through The Teeth Machine: wicked album title. Talented musicians. Not my style.

Red Fang - Red Fang: Love, love, loved it! But it's not so much a new album as it is 3 EPs released as an album. This is more of a DQ.

Resistant Culture - (whatever it is I can't remember): This band is pretty kick ass. They need some work though. And better production.

Samael - Above: Nothing really grabbed me.

Scar Symmetry - (again, can't remember): AAAHHH! THE VOCALS!!!!


Did you hear about the Soundgarden reunion? YEAH BABY!

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