Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Did I really?

Did I really used to read Revolver Magazine religiously? I think I did. Why the hell did I do that!!?  I picked up the latest issue with the Vulgar Dislay of Power cover story. For the cover story. Pretty much the rest of it was garbage. Features on crap ass bands, an ad every other page for some clothing line or other BS, a horrible Top 20 of 2009 etc. I feel dumber having read it. Maybe I'm just an elitist but it seems way too Hot Topic. I mean really, it appears they now have a monthly column featuring this month's Hot Metal Chick. Seriously?

Maybe it's been a big downhill slide since they were bought by Guitar World. I've only read 3-4 months worth in the last 3 years so maybe it has been gradual but I remember the last one I read (sometime in 2008) being pretty lame too. It had an article about Seether. It did. When I read Decibel, I write down at the VERY least 25-30 bands/albums I want to check out. This month's Revolver? 1. Fear Factory's Mechanize. And that's more out of curiousity than anything.

I guess this is where the guys at work that are all "BFMV!!! Whoo! Spineshank is reuniting!!! I love Mudvayne!! FFDP rules!" get their information. It's time I take these kids to school.

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