Friday, March 27, 2009

Titan - Colossus EP

Titan - Colossus EP: I have decided to redo my initial review of this EP because it was weak. Toronto's Titan truly come by their name honestly. Colossus is awesome. It carries some of the hardcore element of previous releases but there is plenty of doom. They have such a huge sound! They have a way of transitioning between styles effortlessly. As in "Next Winter", when it's going in this heavy hardcore mode, screamin' balls off assault and then at about the 3 min mark, everything drops away but some guitar plucking, and then WHAM!! crushing doom. Like funeral doom crushing. With some of the most evil belched vocals I've heard that don't sound like someone throwing up. The vocal range is fantastic. Colossus is full of energy and even when it slows down, there is still crushing power and a different kind of energy. It's like you can hear the train coming, you're on the tracks, you can't move. It's getting closer, you're waiting for impact. Then it hits. But it doesn't hurt. I feels better than before. As the train rolls through you, it transfers the energy. Making you feel larger than life. Infusing you with a sense of power. The piano moments in "His Eminence" allow for some much needed breathing room. Having seen Titan live only enhances the feeling of heavy. I can envision them playing the songs. I'll plan better for next time. I won't go right from the tattoo shop to the show. Colossus by Titan. Titanic. Colossal.

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