Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cattle Decapitation and Buried Inside

Cattle Decapitation - The Harvest Floor: Pretty good blackened deathgrind album. I'm not familiar enough with their earlier work to make a comparison. It seemed really short. Like it was over before it started. But as soon as you throw a grind label on something, you have to expect a short runtime. I enjoyed it but I am going to have to give some more time. I am fairly new in my appreciation of both grind and black metal so it will take me more time to fully appreciate The Harvest Floor than if it were a straight up death metal album. I know they are a vegan band but I haven't gotten deep into the lyrics at all (yet). Maybe The Harvest Floor will be a gateway drug to their back catalogue. I really enjoy their imagery and merch, especially the "Gore not Core" shirt (possibly the best band shirt ever) which I will be buying when I see them live April 14.

Buried Inside - Spoils of Failure: Ottawa's Buried Inside are awesome. They always have been. Even though Spoils of Failure isn't a concept album like their previous efforts, it's still pretty heady stuff from what I've read. I haven't read the lyrics yet. It's pretty heavy, doom-laden. Very sonic album with that roared vocal over top. I need to really give it some more listens to really nail down the sound. It reminds of Toronto's Titan without the hardcore elements. I am sure that when I get the chance to listen to this baby at elevated decibel levels, I'll be pleasantly knocked off my ass.

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