Sunday, February 15, 2009

Learn to sing already!

In my quest to expand my metal pallet, I have been listening to some older
bands that I would have dismissed a couple years ago simply because they
were "before my time". (eg. Testament, Motorhead) So when I saw that
Kreator had a new album out, I thought I would give it a listen. Besides,
the last two Motorhead albums were good, so was the new Testament. So how
bad could Hordes of Chaos be?
I would say it was a waste of bandwidth, but I have unlimited so I don't
care. A more fitting term might be a waste of space on my ipod. I can't
really say the album is bad, it's just nothing special.
Musically, it's a trashin' good time. Very well produced, competent
musicians, and decent songwriting. But vocally, it's disappointing. I
thought after that many years, the band would have a better singer. I don't
know much of anything about Kreator expect they are from Germany. Is it the
original singer? I dunno.
I any case, I just find the whole thing unnecessary. Old thrash bands still
kickin' is cool and all, but unless they are bringing some new and/or
exciting to the table, I can go without.

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