Saturday, January 17, 2009

Volition, Whitechapel

Volition - Volition: When I first started listening to this I immediately thought of Crowbar. It has a similar tone and that slow pacing. There was no "wow factor" at first (that's later) but I was enjoying it. As a couple songs rumbled by, I had to double check to see if in fact, it wasn't the same track. As I am waiting for some variation to happen, I'm falling alseep. But then there's a change! In the vocals anyway. They go from a passable low-end rumbly growl to this, this, screech. It sounded like some whiny 10 year old crying to his mommy because his sister out a dress in his G.I. Joe. Terrible. It hurt my ears. When the vocals changed back I thought it was over. But that kid came back. Yeah, it broke up the monotony all right, because it made my go the next album. Horns down.

Whitechapel - This is Exile: Not bad really but it seemed sort of manufactured. I could hear alot of genre mixing but it wasn't really doing it for me. Very Hot Topic. Maybe it was just me but the vocals didn't sound genuine. Well, the didn't sound real I should say. They sounded effects laden. It they were all natural, kudos to that guy. But I really have no desire to hear this one again. Horns down.

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