Friday, January 9, 2009

Melvins, Origin, Merciless Death

Melvins - Nude With Boots: It was alright. I like the first few tunes but then it just drifted into background music. Nothing really pulled me in. I really don't care if I never hear it again. Too much better stuff out there for me to care. Stonerwitch is the only Melvins albums for me. Horns down.

Origin - Antithesis: The most brootal death metal album of the year. Sometimes I wonder what demons are possessing them. It's almost too heavy! nah, that's not possible. Try and headbang to this and you will break your neck. Fucking awesome! HORNS UP!

Merciless Death - Realm of Terror: Passable neo-thrash. Good musicianship. Vocals are kinda weak. It's fun to listen to but there is better out there. (Toxic Holocaust) Horns up based on fun factor and an urge to do air guitar.

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