Monday, January 5, 2009

Iota, Jex Thoth and Jucifer

Iota - Tales: Plodding, nice paced groove. Great tone. Can't quite pin down who they remind me of. Sleep at bit, but not the vocals. The jammy parts (plenty of them) remind me of Clutch and The Bakerton Group. Oh hell yeah, baby! Maybe an apt description would be Clutch meets Monster Magnet. Love it. Horns up!

Jex Thoth - Jex Thoth: Psychedelic doom. Transcendental female vocals. Brooding Keyboards. I get sucked right in. Dark and ominous. Engrossing. Definitely a mood setter. I should suggest something from this album to MetalSucks for one of their Saturday Night Songs To Get Stoned To. The kind of stuff that makes you feel stoned just listening to it. Probably best listened to without distraction. In the dark. Horns UP!!

Jucifer - L'Autrichienne: You will never hear another band like Jucifer. Ever. How Amber and Edgar, the eternal nomads that they are, come up with some of this shit is beyond me. Drugs have to play a part. They go from quiet pretty songs, to Veruca Salt like pop-grunge, to flat-out grindfests. Truly amazing. I say them live once and it just blew my mind. They played mostly the hard and fast stuff but that's okay. I would like to have heard a more diverse set but when you have the biggest wall of amps I have ever seen behind you, you have to use them! I fuckin' love Jucifer. When I am able to edit this with an internet connection, I will post a link to a live review I wrote on my personal blog. If you haven't guessed, HORNS UP!!!

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