Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hemlock, Humanfly, In Flames and Intronaut

Hemlock - No Time For Sorrow: Front to back, solid metal. Pretty good metal vocal range. Death growl, black screech and screaming. Vocal hooks galore! It's just awesome. I have listened to this one quite a few times since it was released and the biggest reason for that is because of how fun it is to scream along with. I like to have fun when I listen to something. Wicked shit. Horns way up!

Humanfly - II: I haven't yet grown out of my QUALITY metal-gaze faze. Nothing wrong with some good hollerin' over great quitar work. Tortured screams, death growls, and straight up yelling. Hard hitting and huge sound. No hurry here, man, we gots lots o' weed. I mean
time. Horns up!

In Flames - A Sense of Purpose: This is the first In Flames album I have actaully listened to and it's awesome. Can you say hooks? Vocal and guitar hooks everywhere. I've listened to this many times and I will listen to it more. Very melodic metal and the singing is incredible. I doubt I will go back and check out their back catalogue though, as I wouldn't want to be disappointed by anything. That and I don't have time. Many spins = Horns UP!

Intronaut - Prehistoricisms: I used to like Intronaut. I think Void and Challenger actually made my Top of XXXX lists. Not so much anymore. Too proggy. boring. I hate the bass tone. Hate it. Lots of other critics like it but no matter how many times I try to like it, I just can't. Maybe if I was really stoned. But in that case, I'd listen to Sleep or Monster Magnet (old) or ....... Horns down. Sorry Intronaut, you lost me.

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