Sunday, January 4, 2009

Half-Makeshift, Harvey Milk, The Haunted, Helm's Alee

Half Makeshift - Omen: Track listing: Omen I, Omen II, Omen III and Omen IV. How boring is that? About as boring as the tracks themselves. This is confirmation that my my ambient/drone phase is over. Super boring. They might want to try Full Makeshift sometime, or maybe even use the right shit, take the time and do something real. I'll remember this when I am having trouble sleeping. Horns down!

Harvey Milk - Life....The Best Game in Town: This is fucking terrible. I can hear some potential in it, but's it crap. Worst singing I have heard in a long time. Kudos for not using Auto-tune on them, but sorry, you suck. Noisy post-rock shit. Just not doing it for me. Horns down.

The Haunted - Versus: Why don't I remember liking this the first time I heard it? I know I liked Moronic Colossus though. Peter Dolving is awesome. I can see why so many other vocalists try to emulate him (myself included now) I've never been a big one for labelling, but if you want to call this melodic death metal, then fine. But I don't really hear the death metal in it. Melody yes, and
metal yes, but I don't know about the death part. Start to finish, this album is damn solid. I am going to need to listen to this some more to figure out where in my Top 40 of 2008 it will fit. Iron Mask is a wicked track. "Leave me the fuck alone!!!!" HORNS UP!!!

Helm's Alee - Night Terror: Not sure how to describe this one. I want to say Neur-Isis but since I don't listen to either of those bands, I can't. I might be listening to some Isis later though. Kinda metal-gaze-y I suppose. Nothing really grabbed me about it. Some female vocals in there to spice it up though. I am not going to give this one a horns down, but I am in no big hurry to hear it again.

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