Thursday, December 4, 2008

Do you like death metal?

I sure do!!
Can you speak Finnish?
Neither can I. But that doesn't matter if you put the two together.
What the hell am I going on about? Sotajumala, that's what.

Basically an awesome death metal band from Finland. Sotajumala is Finnish for "wargod".
Since it's crushing death metal, you can't understand the lyrics anyway so the fact they they "sing" in Finnish is not a problem at all!!
They have been around for 10 years but I just found out about them recently. They don't try to be overly technical. Vokills are pretty straightforward death growl. Not too much screeching. These Finns are really good at what they do. Catchy, little bit of groove. Little faster than Six Feet Under and the vocals are better than Chris Barnes anyway. Speaking of Chris Barnes, Sotajumala did a split with Torture Killer. Barnes' other band.

Their most recent album was 2007's Teloitus. If this had come out in 2008 it would be vying for a spot in my Top 10. I am listening to 2004's Death Metal Finland right now and it is just as awesome. I have this feeling that they would be killer live.
Drummer is lightning fast.
I don't know what else to say other than Sotajumala could be my new favorite death metal band.
GO!!! Check them out!! NOW!!!

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