Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bison b.c. - Quiet Earth mini-review

This is my first "remote review" for this blog. i.e not at home, not at MY computer, no internet, just email. Therefore, details will be sparse so bear with me. A full review will come along eventually.

In case you aren't familiar, and because I was unable to use italics in the subject, the band is Bison b.c. and the album is Quiet Earth (Metal Blade, 2008). They used to just be called Bison but had to add the b.c. for "logistical reasons". My guess is there was some other (much shittier) band out there with the same name that put up a fuss. Happens all the time. And it's always the good band that has to change their name. Fuct.

Anyway, Bison b.c. is from (duh!) British Columbia. Vancouver, I believe. They've some killer beards and play some seriously kick ass metal. The guitar tone is a bit stoner but leaning to the sludge/doom side. Alot of the time they sound tonally similar to High on Fire. Which is a good thing. There is actually a riff in one song that you would swear IS High on Fire. While the Matt pike influence is obvious they also mix in some punk/hardcore/crossover riffing. When they speed up you can really hear the punk/thrash aspect of their sound. There is even some gang shouts thrown in for good measure. Not like hardcore (Hatebreed/Biohazard type) gang shouts though. More of a crossover/neo-thrash sounding shout. Cross Examination and DRI come to mind. Vocal wise, sound pretty raw. Almost like if you took the Lemmy out of Matt Pike and added some more phlegm. Sounds pretty awesome if you ask me.

I have only listened to Quiet Earth twice so far but I know that the more I do listen, the more I will like it. I'd love to give a more detailed review but like I said, I'm not at my computer and I am not listening to it right now. So I am just going by (my shoddy) memory. It wasn't even the last thing I listened to so that makes it even worse.

Don't hold your breath for a full review though. Just go check them out. I've started the long and tedious process of compiling my Top 40 of 2008 list so I will be rather busy. I missed their live show last month and I've been kicking myself ever since.

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