Saturday, December 20, 2008

Because you are smart enough to be reading Kingdom of Noise...

...I won't assume that you haven't figured out that the recent reviews have
been in more or less alphabetical order. That is because I am still sifting
through hundreds of albums trying to whittle it down to at least a Top 40
Albums of 2oo8 and I am going in alpha-order! Genius!!! Now,I have been
trying to review as many as I have time for but frankly, I don't have alot
of time. So if I have time and/or if the album is worth reviewing, I will
do it. Otherwise I am going to go to a thumbs up or down format for
everything else. Temporarily.
Thumbs up if I like it and it doesn't get a permanent delete, and thumbs
down if I don't really care to hear it again. With short explanations.

Fate - Vultures: I think I was impressed by this the first time I heard
it. I think. Upon second listen I am not sure why I would have. Same-y
deathcore with "Look what I can do!" guitar self-wankery. Nice album cover
though. Thumbs down.

Firewind - The Premonition: I think it's Premonition, but the ID3 tag
wasn't set. No matter, the album is forgettable anyway. "We bow to thee, o,
Iron Maiden" power-metal type stuff. Would make decent background music but
why? when you could just listen to Maiden? Thumbs down.

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