Saturday, December 6, 2008

Agenda of Swine - Waves of Human Suffering

I just listened to most of Waves of Human Suffering (I think, I really wish I was at home at my computer. and that I didn't have to sit on my mp3 player to get the earphones to work) by Agenda of Swine. Knee-jerk description: stretched grind. What do I mean? Well, grind in respect to viscious, mostly unintelligible vocals, delivered very raw and with obvious conviction; a drummer with a serious case of lactic acid buildup (blast away my friend, blast away) and the band name and album title sound like grind. I say stretched because with only 13 songs and a runtime of over 40 minutes, it doesn't really follow grind ratios for song length and total runtime. 13 songs at 17 minutes or 45 songs in 40 minutes would be more likely. I very much enjoyed listening to Waves of Human Suffering. Although, I must admit that I did fall asleep briefly while listening. That is not a reflection on the quality of the album, but rather due to the fact that I was also reading a boring book at 5:30am and I have been up for almost 24 hours. You do the math.


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