Friday, December 19, 2008

5ive - Hesperus

5ive is a kilLER! band from Boston. Not to be confused with the UK boy band of the same name.
This 5ive is an experimental instrumental metal/sludge powerhouse. I mean it. OMFG.
I'll make it easy on you, if you like Kyuss, look no further. Just don't wait for John Garcia to start singing. No vocals. That's what instrumental means kiddos.
Ben Carr on guitar and Charlie Harrold on drums. Hesperus was released on Tortuga Records just in case you wanted to know.
I'm 5 tracks into this 7 track pack of awesome and there hasn't been a bum note yet.
I love Kyuss and I really don't mind the similarities. The guitar tone is almost spot on but 5ive take it up a level in terms of the "out there" factor. Kyuss didn't want to leave Garcia out in the cold right, so that put a ceiling on where they could go. But since 5ive has no vocals they can drift to places mortal bands dare not tread.
I dont' know what else to say other than go check this out. If you like Kyuss, or Puddy (now called Red Elite) you will seriously dig 5ive. Seriously.

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